The Faith Committee

The Faith Committee Vision: That all people with memory loss and their caregivers will continue their spiritual journey with the love and support of their faith community.

Ministering to Families with Dementia

The person with dementia and their caregiver(s) often become isolated when they aren't able to attend their faith community due to the dementia-related changes.

  • Isolation could be eased if you offer emotional support and encouragement through phone calls or home visits.
  • You could help by offering specific ways that you can assist the family, such as shopping, giving the caregiver a break, yardwork, etc.
  • Depression and loneliness can be lessened by you listening to concerns and frustrations (of both the person with dementia and the caregiver).

Faith Committee Mission Statement

Helping Faith Communities (churches, synagogues, temples, organizations) become engaged in ministering to families with Alzheimer's or other dementias.

We seek to find a way that connects the spirit of each Alzheimer's patient with their spirituality and to offer the caregiver support and encouragement.

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